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Legal Notice and Privacy Policy

HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL has its headquarters at Finca Los Triviños, 30591 – Balsicas, Murcia (SPAIN), with CIF number B30903280. HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL may make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates to the information contained on its website, or in its configuration or presentation.

1. Only sale to adults is allowed.

2. HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL is responsible for and knows the current legislation of the countries to which it sends the products.

3. The cardholder is aware of and accepts the conditions established by the merchant.

4. HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL makes every effort to ensure that the information provided through its website is clear, understandable and appropriate, as well as to avoid errors as far as possible and, where appropriate, repair or update them.

However, HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL cannot guarantee the absence of errors or that the content of the information is permanently updated. The intellectual property rights of the contents, texts, guides, corporate logos, images, etc. of this website are the property of HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL and, where appropriate, of the other entities mentioned on this page, being protected by the legal system. Spanish and by the applicable community and international regulations.

5. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation of these contents -except in the cases legally permitted for personal and private use- constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL or of the owner.

6. The total or partial reproduction, distribution, commercialization or transformation of any of the contents of the website without the prior written authorization of HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL is prohibited. The printing and downloading of extracts of the contents of the Bodega Madrid Romero website is authorized only when they are carried out for personal and private use.

Applications for these purposes may be addressed to Finca Los Triviños, 30591 – Balsicas, Murcia (SPAIN). To exercise the right of appointment, HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL must be mentioned as the owner of the extracts of the contents or documents referred to, as well as the website as the source of the information when appropriate. In those cases in which the extracts of the contents or documents included in the web page are the property of a third party, it must be indicated “© [name of the owner] as it appears published on the Bodega Madrid Romero web page. In any case, it must be informed by letter to Finca Los Triviños, 30591 – Balsicas, Murcia (SPAIN).

7. HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL is not responsible for the possible inappropriate use that third parties make of this website, nor for the information that they transmit to third parties through it. The contents provided through this web page are merely informative, so the use that the user may make of them and the possible consequences, damages or losses that may arise, are the sole responsibility of the user.

8. HORTÍCOLAS MADRID SL reserves the right to exercise the legal actions it deems appropriate derived from any illicit use by third parties of the contents of its website.

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